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About ECF's Ministries

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Understanding ourselves to be the "heart, hands, and voice of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica's English-speaking community," ECF equips its members and participants to do that in their daily lives, as well as the church gathered together. As well, ECF readily supports the creation of new ministries and ways to help us live out our faith in Jesus Christ.
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Small Groups

ECF offers many opportunities to deepen your knowledge of Scripture and cultivate your awareness of the Holy Spirit, including morning and evening groups that meet for study, fellowship, and prayer. All are very welcoming of new participants; no need to be shy! Find out more...
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Youth and Family

At ECF, we take seriously Jesus’ words to welcome children, not only the littlest ones, but all ages!

ECF’s approach to ministry with children is simple: that through this ministry, children will be attracted to Jesus and his Church, sustained in their faith and sense of belonging in our church family, and encouraged in the transition from their parents' faith to their own. Find out more...
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We may be “strangers in a strange land,” but we also want to be good neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ, whose ministry did not stop at the borders of his own land, but also took place as he went about his travels. Find out more...